Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cooker: Every Home’s Need!

So, you may have heard of the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic, and were wondering if it is indeed the right pressure cooker for you. Well, we’ll be taking a look at just why it is right now! First and foremost, the Duromatic range of cookers is actually manual cookers, so if you are not very comfortable with the electronic new age stuff, but are still looking for quick and healthy cooking – you are at the right place. The two that we’ll be looking at today are…

And now we’ll look at each in turn:

#1: Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Family Style Pressure Cooker Stockpot

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Family Style Pressure Cooker StockpotFrom the Kuhn Rikon brand, this first one is actually a pressure cooker style stock pot. Being a stock pot means that you can use it as a regular cooker, or to make stocks and soups as well. The particular shape of the cooker is conducive in a way that other cookers may not be.

It is available in 3 sizes or capacities from Amzon, the three being 5 quart, 8 quart and 12 quart.

Of course the prices vary by size, but in terms of quality, they remain the same. To look at a few aspects of this cooker…

Built for convenience

With the 18/10 stainless steel make, your food is cooked perfectly. Also, the steel is of the best quality, and does not interact in any way with the food you cook in it. There is also a very new age designed spring loaded precision valve to control the pressure, as opposed to the old fashioned weight control.

The cooker also comes with an aluminum lining that ensures even and quick cooking – which you will love in this cooker. And another good thing about this cooker is the extra wide base which allows for greater cooking surface. That way you get to brown and sauté more food at once.

The handles on both sides are also very well insulated and help you to use the cooker easily.  They also save a lot of space both while cooking and when storing. In addition to the above, the shape of this cooker ensures that it can even be used as a crock pot or a stock both – without the pressure if need be.

Another thing to note with this is…

Safety first!

There are a number of secure safety features built into the design that allow you to cook with complete peace of mind. To look at the major ones:

  • The lid locks securely in place when the cooker is set to pressure.
  • The lid automatically unlocks only when the pressure is back to normal.
  • At any time in between, you cannot in any way get the lid opened.
  • The spring loaded valve allows for further safety.
  • It also has a pressure indicator built in – so you can easily keep track.

Besides these, there are many other great features about this cooker – and we’ll check out a few from the…

Customer reviews

Here are a few snippets, you can always check out the rest on Amazon’s review section.

  • This cooker is completely quiet in action. If you have children in the house, they may be scared of the sound of the cooker – but that’s eliminated with this!
  • The cooker is very well designed and for its size, fits a lot of food!
  • It is really built to last, as most reviewers are quick to point out.

Now if the stockpot style cooker is what you have been looking for – do consider this!

But if you were looking for something a little more traditional and like a cooker, check out this next one – just as good though!

#2: Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Top Model Energy Efficient Pressure Cooker

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Top Model Energy Efficient Pressure CookerThis cooker is another one from the same brand – and is even part of the Duromatic range. So, there is really no question that qualitatively and in terms of safety features, this one would be just as good. And in fact, most of the features are still the same.

It has the same safety features as mentioned with the first cooker. And in terms of design too, it is made of the same quality of steel, and still comes with the aluminum bottom for better cooking.

But what about the differences? We thought we’ll chart those out here…

How it is different

This one comes with an easy to operate knob using which you can adjust the pressure at which your food cooks. In addition to that, as you can see here, the handle design is also different. This one has more of a traditional longer handle on one side design, which some people tend to prefer with cookers.

This one also has a special trivet used for steaming vegetables included with the cooker. Also, the sizes available for this one are different – there isn’t one that is quite as big as 12 quart, and the smallest is actually good enough for say a single person. The sizes available are 3.5 quart, 5 quart and 7 quart. The smaller size means that you can actually own one of these for quick cooking small meals as well.

And now for a quick look at…

The reviews

Again, most people agree that qualitatively there are few cookers that can match up to this one. But as for specifics, here are a few:

  • The lid/release function has been much appreciated by most people.
  • The cooker has a tall design. Since you need to leave space at the top for pressure cooking, this actually is a good feature.
  • And again, with durability of the cooker, you can’t really argue about this one!

Check out the rest of the reviews on Amazon, though! But, over all, this one only differs in design, and does contain a few additional features. And you can get it in a smaller size. And you can get it here!

Both Kuhn Rikon Duromatic models are just as good as the other. But yes, each would be better for a different kind of cooking. So decide which features work best for you and order accordingly!




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