The Best Pressure Cooker Canning Kit You Can Get!

Presto 09995 7 Function Canning Kit

Canning fruits or vegetables can be a great way to take fresh and in-season produce (which is also cheaper) and making it available for those months when it is not in season. On the other hand, buying meat and poultry is usually cheaper when bought in bulk – and canning can be a good way to preserve the leftover and use later. But for effective canning you need 3 essential things –

  • The pressure cooker or pressure canner
  • The complete knowhow, and
  • The right tools

And today we’re dealing specifically with the tool – a pressure cooker canning kit:

Presto 09995 7 Function Canning Kit

Canning isn’t exactly a difficult task – but yes, you do work with very hot parts and safety comes first. Also, the entire purpose of pressure canning is to sterilize the food and ensure that it lasts for the maximum shelf life. And for this reason, it is prudent to use tools instead of hands. And these tools make everything super easy – plus they are highly rated. Let’s check out why now…

A complete set

We say it is a complete set because the manufacturers have ensured that they take care of every canning need you can have:

  • A funnel for easy and spill proof filling
  • Jar lifter with insulated handles. These you use to lift up hot things like the jars you are canning in.
  • A special jar wrench that you can use to unscrew lids that have stuck or aren’t closed properly once the jars and lids are already hot.
  • Kitchen tongs to lift up food. This is particularly helpful when you are canning entire fruits and vegetables that are too big to fill with the help of the funnel.
  • A bubble remover that you can use to slowly stir the mix around till the bubbles are all released.
  • Lid lifter that is magnetic and situated at the other end of the bubble remover. The magnet ensures that you have the lids securely ‘held’ when removing them from hot water.
  • Digital timer that can help you to keep track of how long you are processing them under pressure.

And the additional feature is the neon green insulated handles on the tongs and the funnel and bubble remover are made of the same matching green plastic.

Superior quality and construction

The tools are all built very well and to last. While all the green parts of the set are plastic, they are safe for use with food, and are made in a way that they will not melt even after repeated use for canning.

Also, another big plus is that these tools can all be cleaned easily – just throw them into the dishwasher! They’ll come out clean and remain safe too.

And of course, considering these are manufactured and brought to you by Presto – you can easily expect quality!

And finally, let’s take a look at…

Customer’s speak

There are many reviews for this product on Amazon at the moment, which proves that this is indeed a good set of canning tools to have. But we’ll take a quick look at a few snippets from the reviews before we leave you to go through the rest on your own:

  • Most reviewers said that canning had become a much easier task after they started using this kit.
  • According to particular reviewers, who came back and left updates later – the set is pretty sturdy and will hold up for a good amount of time!
  • The set is quite complete, with the only two other things you need being the pot or pressure cooker and a thermometer.

And now you can go and check out the rest of the reviews for yourself… And once you do – if you are looking for where to get it – go with Amazon. Because currently they are offering a great discount!

With this pressure cooker canning kit, in no time you’ll be canning everything that you love and building up quite a pantry!



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